Spiritual Guidance

Sometimes a soul would is an initiation to a spiritual quest.

Perhaps we did not receive the loving attention for which we longed as children. Perhaps others could not see or affirm some part of our identity. Perhaps we were bullied over long years.

Relational trauma, developmental trauma, complex trauma — these are soul wounds. They go deeper than our minds, deeper than our emotions even. A soul wound penetrates to the core of our being. It is a spiritual wound, and it cries out for spiritual care.

David Gormong
M.A. Spirituality
Relational Trauma

I’m a spiritual companion and guide. I walk with those whose path is marked a soul wound. With care and spiritual practice, we may find our wound contains our greatest gift. It becomes the opening to what is deepest and most real. Through meditation, flow, and love, we discover the blissful Presence at the core of our being.

I draw from some amazingly deep wells of wisdom. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Sufism, native traditions – each, it seems to me, has something to offer us on this journey. I hold an MA in Spirituality from St. John’s University (Minnesota), and did doctoral coursework in spirituality at the Catholic University of America (Washington, DC). I’m currently studying with the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute in Chicago. I also continue to learn from psychology and neuroscience, especially what they tell us about spirituality and trauma.

More than wisdom, though, I want to offer you presence. I listen with attention and care to what you tell me. I offer the empathy that comes from walking my own long, winding journey of trauma and transformation. For most of us, our greater need is not to know what to do; our greater need is for someone to be attentive, to offer support and give us the freedom to find our way.

If you feel drawn to it, let’s find a time to talk. I’ll be happy to chat with you about where you are on your journey and how I might walk with you. We can get to know one another, you can ask any questions you have, and we can explore together if this is the right fit. I would be grateful to know you and walk with you.


It wasn’t until I began professional psychiatric therapy
that I realized how helpful David’s guidance had been
in equipping me, both spiritually and emotionally,
to navigate the murky waters between the spirit and the psyche.
Your story is safe with David;
he cares, fiercely.

~Jonny C.

David has helped me understand my journey and myself,
not only as a gay man but also as a Christian and artist.
His hard and honest questions lead me to see myself and others around me.
His compassion, loyal presence and sensitivity help me find courage to carry on. 
When I was in the darkest place I’ve even been
he was there with me, guiding me through those uncertain times.

~Sérgio D.

Favorite Quotes on Guidance and Companionship

Whoever travels without a guide needs two hundred years for a two-day journey.
(Sufi tradition)

It is no mean consolation in this life
to have someone in whom your spirit may rest,
to whom you can pour out your soul.
~Aelred of Rievaulx (Christian tradition)

Venerable Ānanda said to the Blessed One [the Buddha],
“This is half of the holy life, lord:
having admirable people as friends, companions, and colleagues.”
“Don’t say that, Ānanda,” [said the Buddha]. “Don’t say that.
Having admirable people as friends, companions, and colleagues
is actually the whole of the holy life.”

~Upaḍḍha Sutta (Buddhist tradition)


You can learn more about spiritual guidance (aka spiritual direction) at the SDI Companions website. As a member of SDI, I subscribe to their Guidelines for Ethical Conduct. I’ll be happy to tell you more about my training and supervision if you are interested.